The Crew

Captain Matthew Miller

Capt Matt was born and raised in Pensacola, FL and has been fishing the waters since he could hold a rod. His extensive knowledge and passion for the sport makes him the perfect charter boat captain. He knows how to get the reels screaming and the rods bowed up. 


Captain Sean Valdez

Capt Sean is a life long resident of NW Florida, and has fished Pensacola and the surrounding area his entire life. Experienced in offshore and inshore fishing and has also spent many years in the bait & tackle industry as well. He is currently Active Duty Military, and has been apart of 5 different tours overseas, two of which were Operation Eduring Freedom & Operation Inherent Resolve. He lives to fish and loves to see others light up with excitement over a bent rod and tight line!


Capt Alex Pilot

Longtime Member of the team

Alex has lived in Gulf Breeze, FL for the past 12 years, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether its hunting public land with his bow in the winter time for Florida White tail deer or fishing the pier in the spring for Ling, he is always taking advantage of Northwest Floridas bountiful wildlife. He has been Capt Matt's deckhand since the begining.